Leckhampton to Cranham mtb ride 05-12-2010. 17.4 miles

Another cold one, but maybe not as bad as the -9 degrees Celsius of the previous week, it was only -3.5 degrees this time! A climb up Leckhampton Hill on the road and another slog up the rutted (and now frozen and very slippery) track at Ullenwood warmed us up however, before the fun part around Cranham Woods and a visit to the “Shrine” before making our way back via Coberley.

Everything was going well until Tony’s chain snapped climbing up a steep bank in the woods near Upper Coberley. That did put a bit of a dampener on the outing, but Alastair did his best to cheer everyone up with his own particular brand of humour! Much faffing about in the freezing cold then ensued to fix the problem, but just at the point at which Tony was about to jump back on the repaired (so we thought) bike, Andy pointed out that we hadn’t quite routed the chain properly through the rear mech (groan!)

More faffing and cursing then followed, until at last the bike was ready to ride again, albeit with a somewhat shorter chain!

We carried on without further mishap, through some very slippery sheet ice on the minor roads at Upper Coberley, before a great descent down Timbercombe over the frozen muddy fields.

A great ride, despite the weather and mechanical problems and well worth the effort.

Leckhampton & Cranham 05-12-10 at EveryTrail

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