Sunday 16 Jan, Leckhampton

0830 as usual.
0800 outside papershop on Leckhampton Road. Hope Andy can make 8am. Will confirm by phone…
Please post if coming.

If you want to vary the route a bit then think of some suggestions but bear in mind the weather and mud!



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5 Responses to Sunday 16 Jan, Leckhampton

  1. andyd says:

    Yep, I’ll be there, but need to get home by 11:15 at the latest as we’re going out for lunch, so will need to be back in Leckhampton by 10:45ish

  2. tarmacalastair says:

    0800 then instead so we’re more likely to get back?
    Just you and me so far Andy…

  3. malcolm says:

    I’m in, see you at 0800.

  4. malcolm says:

    by usual, do you mean outside the papershop?