Mud mud mud

OS Map of route
I’m sure someone once said that Cleeve Hill was good for avoiding mud. What a load of rubbish!

The section running between Lower Hill Farm and Upper Hill Farm on the map which we’ve always found to be great riding and a lovely alternative to the road was horrible – enough to clog up our wheels and stop them turning! Maybe it was just today’s conditions – just above freezing and rain a few days before.

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One Response to Mud mud mud

  1. gear masher says:

    Andy had the right idea I reckon, suggest the route but then opt for a lie-in instead! :)

    Worst mud I’ve ever encountered on Cleeve, every bit as bad as the boggy field near Chatcombe Woods. The effects were made even worse for me because I was having chain-suck problems which the gloopy mud just added to. The stuff was like glue! Glad I got round it though without snapping yet another chain :)