Sunday 30 Jan, 0830 Leckhampton

Well, I have non-functioning brakes and Tony has a dodgy front chainring but we both have the parts and are hoping to fix our bikes on Saturday.

All being well, let’s go for the usual 0830 start outside the paper shop on Leckhampton Road for an off-road ride.

If it doesn’t work out then either some people can carry on with an off roader or we can change to a road ride.

Please post if you’re up for a ride.


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3 Responses to Sunday 30 Jan, 0830 Leckhampton

  1. andyd says:

    I’m up for a ride – either MTB or road, don’t mind

  2. malcolm says:

    I’m up for off-road. Good-luck with the repairs. M

  3. gear masher says:

    MTB fixed (I hope!) so am ok for an off road ride, but happy to change to a road ride if Alastair can’t get his MTB fixed in time