Sunday 13 Feb, 0800 Leckhampton

Let’s take a trip through the woods over to Colesbourne this week. We haven’t tried the mud over there for a while.

See you outside the paper shop on Leckhampton road for an 0800 start.

Please post to say if you’re coming along.


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4 Responses to Sunday 13 Feb, 0800 Leckhampton

  1. malcolm says:

    count me in – how long were you planning to go for – may have a guest rider …

  2. andyd says:

    Yep, I’ll be there

  3. tarmacalastair says:

    Between 2 & 3 hours, depending on mud, mechanicals, etc.

    Guests welcome as long as not too fast/slow….

    See you there.

    Tony assures me he’s coming, even though he hasn’t posted…

  4. gear masher says:

    See you at 8 by the shop..