Wet and windy Colesbourne

Well I must admit I wasn’t keen when I woke up and looked out of the window on the morning of the ride. A gale was in full force and the rain was lashing down. A return to a nice warm bed seemed the sensible option, but a text from Alastair confirmed that the ride was still on, and it was up to me if I wanted to bear the shame of wimping out.

So at 8 am I found myself outside the shop at Lecky, where 3 other riders were ready to go.

Off we went up the hill and through Daisybank, before heading towards Colesbourne. A slight misunderstanding about which path to take from Upper Coberley to Colesbourne led to us splitting into 2 teams of 2, but the mistake was realised early enough for us to reconvene at the Colesbourne Inn, where we continued the ride back to Leckhampton via Cockleford, Cowley, Ullenwood and Crippets.

Despite my early misgivings, I have to say I really enjoyed the ride. There was so much water about that the mud was not really a problem, as it didn’t stick to the bike wheels. It made things interesting in some places as well, as the back wheel of the bike had a tendency to slide sideways, causing crab-like progress!

Thanks guys for turning out on such a grotty day, there is absolutely no way I would have done this on my own!


OS Map of the route

Colesbourne 13-02-2011 at EveryTrail

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