Get organising!

Just a quick reminder that Tony & I aren’t riding this weekend. So if you want to ride this weekend get yourselves organised.

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5 Responses to Get organising!

  1. andyd says:

    I’m up for a ride – Malcolm, are you around on Sunday?

  2. malcolm says:

    Diane is out Sat night, so provided she’s functional on Sun morn, I should be okay.
    How about Cleeve? Aggs -> masts -> West Down -> towards Hank’s Gorse -> cut back to West Wood -> Wontley Farm -> masts & down by Huddlestone’s Table.
    08:30 start somewhere.

    • andyd says:

      Update: Sorry, looks like tomorrow is unlikely for me – did a 10 mile run this morning as part of my prep for the Bath Half and I’ve got a feeling I wont be in a fit state to cycle (or possibly walk) tomorrow morning…

  3. malcolm says:

    Sweet downhill between Queen’ Wood and Nutterswood.
    Bing is very nice for planning since it has a 1:25k map (check out the colour change as you zoom in and out), but linking and sharing of links sucks.
    Planned and actual routes

    I can’t find any way to get the embedded map to show the route using Bing. Let me know if you can …