Leckampton 11.5 miles – different day, same old weather!

Just Alastair and Tony were available for this weekend’s ride, but on a Saturday this time, in order to fit in with Alastairs’ family commitments.

The day may have been different, but the weather certainly wasn’t, as the rain was coming down like it hadn’t rained for months. It looked like it had been doing it all night as well, judging by the state of the roads and trails. Water was streaming down Leckhampton Hill as the drains were blocked, and puddles were everywhere once we reached the off road sections.

Once you accepted the fact that you were going to get soaked it wasn’t so bad though, as the mud didn’t get chance to stick to the tyres, there was just too much water about. The main challenge was steering a straight line through some of the very slippery trails. All the same, we gave the notorious muddy field near Chatcombe Wood a miss, before starting a very wet and slippery decent at Timbercombe. The road at the bottom was quite badly flooded, but at least this served to wash the last remnants of the mud from the tyres!

Thanks to Alastair for turning out and leading the ride, I’m glad now that I made the effort to go. Can’t wait to do a ride when it isn’t raining though! :)


Leckhampton 26-02-2011 at EveryTrail

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One Response to Leckampton 11.5 miles – different day, same old weather!

  1. tarmacalastair says:

    Thanks for turning out Tony.

    Ride – good.

    Weather – yuck.