Sun 4th, Road ride

0830, Leckhampton.

My rear shock finally gave up last week so until the new one arrives I have no MTB.

Hopefully some of you are back from holiday now and can join me and Tony for a blast round the lanes.

Please post if riding.


OS Map

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5 Responses to Sun 4th, Road ride

  1. andyd says:

    I’ll be there – see you in the morning. By “Leckhampton” do you mean the shop where we normally meet for MTB rides?

  2. tarmacalastair says:

    Yes, that shop.

    It’s been a while, hope you can find all your kit!

  3. malcolm says:

    rear shock – sounds expensive!


  4. tarmacalastair says:

    Yes, new one supposed to arrive tomorrow. Over £200 and it’s a budget one!