Afan weekend

Just a quick posting as I’ve only got an hour to do DIY before the school run…

Suggest we bring:

  • clothes for all weather, including spares in case it pisses down
  • torch/bike light & lock in case we stay at trail centre cafĂ© till late
  • beer for evening
  • food for evening/breakfast – supposed to be a supermarket 5 miles away and local shop nearby
  • repair stuff
  • fruit & snacks for daytime and bag/backpack for waterproof & lunch as Saturday could be a long ride without access to cafes, etc
  • insect repellent
  • water bottle or camelbak

Tony, Andy & I are planning to leave Gloucester 0930-1000 so should be at house around 1300. Plan to do an afternoon ride so let me know if you’re joining us.


See you Friday at some point.


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4 Responses to Afan weekend

  1. andyd says:

    Looking at the weather forecast I’d add suntan lotion to the list :-)


  2. malcolm says:

    not a good omen to find that the accommodation web-site has been done-over …

  3. tarmacalastair says:

    yes, spotted that this afternoon. Sub pages working OK earlier, eg

  4. malcolm says:

    Fri: one of Wall (17K) or Whites (23k):
    Sat: W2 (44k, i.e. Whites and Wall)
    Sun: Skyline (22,36 or 46 – Skyline has short-cuts if some people want to get back early. )