Afan Weekend (2)

Well, what fantastic weather we had! Hotter than pretty much the whole of summer….

As suggested by Malcolm we followed his advice, only we didn’t actually get to ride with Malcolm till Sunday. He arrived later on Friday (promised to catch us up…), stayed back to watch the rugby on Saturday (got lost trying to catch up…) and then nearly didn’t join us on Sunday due to a broken spoke. Fortunately the local shop had it fixed in no time and he caught us up.

Not such good luck for Paul, who broke his rear suspension on Saturday morning and so missed the rest of the day and had to make do with a flat ride after the initial slog uphill when he found out it was broken.

Plenty of photos on Flickr and maps below:

Friday: White’s Level. Tough climb (with two mechanicals) followed by fairly technical descent

Saturday: W2 (White’s Level climb – connection to The Wall descent for lunch at the Afan Park centre – The Wall Climb – finishing with the White’s Level descent). A long day with plenty of challenging riding.

Sunday: Skyline. Another long day. Much more open riding along both singletrack and wider trails so it was very hot in direct sunshine. Lots of climbing so we took the second shortcut to cut down the distance as we had to think about coming home.

Thanks everyone for coming along. Let’s try and repeat next year!

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