Off-road sportive in Salisbury – Sunday November 20th

Anyone up for this?




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4 Responses to Off-road sportive in Salisbury – Sunday November 20th

  1. tarmacalastair says:

    Sounds good to me but I need to check if I can get a pass. Will also have had a few drinks the night before….

    Andy, had you spotted that this is a cyclo-cross event? You don’t have a cross bike (yet)…and it must be a good six months since you bought a new bike!

    From the site:
    Your choice of steed will define your ride. Will the versatility of an MTB offer the best performance over mixed terrain? Will the pure speed of your road bike make up for time lost on the short, occasional off road dismounts? Or will the CX bike give you the best return where it counts?

  2. tarmacalastair says:

    Damn, looking like I won’t be able to make this. Got a family bike ride on that day….


  3. malcolm says:

    I can’t make this – work followed by new baby visit.