Sunday 11 Feb, 0800 Nisa, Leckhampton

Please post if riding.

Got a dodgy freewheel so may have to bail out early although Tony assures me it’s just the cold weather making it freeze up

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3 Responses to Sunday 11 Feb, 0800 Nisa, Leckhampton

  1. DomDom says:

    Could well be the sub zero temp. Wait until it warms up before changing I think. My front mech ‘went’ the other night, but it was fine once it became unfrozen!! Brrrr.

    Can’t make tomorrow as I’m taking part in an off road Duathlon, 2mile run/10mile ride/2mile run- should be good fun, looks like it’s aim is fun, so hopefully not too competitive…

  2. andyd says:

    Not gonna make it this week – I’m ill, again….man flu

  3. DuskyWhite says:

    Alastair, picked up the new bike today so my rear wheel is available if you need it. Text to arrange dude…

    Otherwise, see you guys there!