Guiting Power road ride 8th July 2012 08:30

This was originally planned as an MTB ride from Bisley, but due to the appalling wet weather that has been going on since April, was reconvened as a road ride from Charlton Kings.

And what a good one it was, even the weather was unusually kind as it didn’t rain once, and the sun actually made an appearance on a couple of occasions (briefly!)

A lot of the route took in sections used by the British Heart Foundation Cotswold Bike Ride, so it was nice to revisit them, even the hills!

Alastair of course thoroughly enjoyed that aspect of the ride, his only complaint being that it wasn’t really fast enough for him. He did however compensate a little for that by chasing and catching up a fellow roadie that had shot past us whilst we were stopped at a junction for a map check.

All in all an excellent ride as far as I was concerned, and nice not to be covered in mud at the end for a change. Thanks to Alastair for planning and leading the ride.


Map of route

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