Scary discovery!…

So this morning I mentioned that there was some “play” in my rear suspension – I hadn’t really investigated close-up and thought I probably just needed a¬†bush (or few) replacing. Well it turns out it was a loose bolt – a very loose bolt! (shown below). When I washed my bike after the ride I realised that it wasn’t engaged with any of the thread and was literally hanging out – if it had fallen right out my rear suspension would have totally collapsed!

Lesson learned: Always properly check your bike!



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2 Responses to Scary discovery!…

  1. Blimey, could have been nasty!

    Don’t forget Steve’s suggestion of Fetish Bikes – not tried it myself but he and Dom rate it…

  2. andyd says:

    Yep, when I saw the bolt hanging out I just pulled it – it came right out and the rear shock swung down!