Hello and welcome to Knobblytarmac.co.uk!

We are a group of friends who like to get out at the weekends, mainly early Sunday starts, for a gentle bike ride.

Most of our rides are off road but we’re getting a bit old and bored of mud all winter long so have taken to the tarmac for some of rides recently.

Alastair & Andy have recently completed their Lands End to John o’ Groats End to End and some of us also ride on Tuesday nights with hotsingletrack.com

We will post off-road and road bike rides around the Cheltenham & Gloucester area, together with gpx files and maps.

Tony and Alastair often upload our gpx tracks to Everytrail.com so you will see links to our tracks posted and in the sidebar. You can download the gpx files from there but have to register first, hence the plan to upload them here as well. Unfortunately Everytrail and so many other similar sites only offer the detail of Google mapping which is very disappointing for cycling so we have register an API to show OS maps. These will appear as and when we non-programmers get our heads round the coding!

These routes and gpx files are intended for our own records but feel free to try the routes out for yourselves and comment as appropriate.

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